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The more things you can hang on the walls, the fewer things will be taking up floor space. Exposed studs may not look all that good, but the cavity between studs spells opportunity. The space above the hood of the car (if you could get a car in) can become a space bonanza. Peg board with all the various hook designs can hold everything from hand tools to snow tires on the wall.

The taller ceilings in most garages offer room for floor to ceiling skinny cabinets or deep cabinets or shelves on the upper walls. A trip to the salvage yard for build­ing materials or a visit to a few garage sales might let you score some old cabinets you could hang on a garage wall. Exposed ceiling joists are great for suspended racks and shelves. That bike that’s always in the way could hang from a big hook in the ceiling.



Big items like a mower or bike that have to be parked in the garage will always be out of the way of the car(s) if you paint white lines to indicate their space.

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