Hiring a home remodeling contractor

November 7, 2018 Home Remodeling Blog

Home Remodeling Contractor

Stay organized and get a folder so you can keep all your paperwork for the project in one place. This includes copies of the contract, change orders, receipts, a log of all activities, photographs as the job progresses (recommended on major remodeling projects) and all correspondence with anyone involved in the home remodeling project. These records are very important and are needed because if problems happen to develop you have the project documented.

Before the final payment, Make sure that:

• All work meets the standards as outlined in the contract.
• You have all written warranties for materials and workmanship.
• All subcontractors and suppliers have been paid – and you have proof of this.
• All debris is clear from the job site
• You have seen, inspected, and approved the completed work.

Home Remodeling Problems:

First, try to resolve it with the contractor. Many disputes can be resolved with communication. Follow up any phone calls with a letter sent by certified mail with a return receipt. The return receipt is your proof that the company has received your letter. Keep a copy of the return receipt with your files.

If you can’t come to an agreement with the contracting company, consider contacting these organizations at your state or local level for further assistance:

• Consumer protection offices
• Dispute Resolution Programs
• Builders Association
• Remodelers Council
• BBB (Better Business Bureau)
• Consumer reporters: check newspaper, TV, and radio stations for contacts.